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Vrolijk fleet constantly greener


Our policy is specifically aimed at further reducing our carbon footprint where possible through targeted investments. In the past three years, the SCH 81 ‘Carolien’ and the SCH 123 ‘Zeeland’ have already been extensively refurbished.

The SCH 72 ‘Frank Bonefaas’ will be fully refurbished the coming year to install the latest sustainable technologies. For example, the entire refrigeration system, from the engineroom to the freezing hold, will be fully renewed. The current refrigerant freon will be replaced by the natural refrigerants NH3/Co2. With this, the system will be in compliance with the new environmental EU requirements which will come into force in 2015.

After the ship has been completely emptied, it will be rebuilt in the coming months. Since mid October, this has been taking place at the 'Damen Shiprepair Vlissingen', the Netherlands. At the yard, the old main engine was removed. This was one of the last parts to remain in the ship after three months of dismantling in IJmuiden.

The existing main engine by Deutz will be replaced by a MAK main engine that will yield a reduction in NOx emissions. The Frank Bonefaas will be the first fishing vessel in the Netherlands with a main engine which meets the ‘Tier 2 requirements’. The entire screw propulsion system will also be replaced; this is expected to generate a reduction in energy consumption.


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