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Again plenty of herring in North Sea and north of Scotland


Again, our ships have encountered great quantities of herring in the North Sea and north of Scotland. The trawlers of fishing companies Vrolijk and Jaczon fished for herring from July to late August. At sea, the fishermen came across impressive quantities of herring. The ships encountered a similar situation in the summer of 2011. Then, fishing company Vrolijk suggested to fishery institute IMARES to use the data of the ships to research fish stocks.

The first step was made this summer when biologists of IMARES calibrated two ships during the herring fishery. This took place in a bay off the Orkney Islands. By calibrating a ship, the data which is recorded by the vessel 24 hours a day can be stored for IMARES and used for scientific purposes.

At the end of 2012, the herring project group of IMARES will discuss which other data can be collected by the ships in addition to this acoustic data.




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