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Herring fishery again receives MSC certification


The ships of Cornelis Vrolijk and Jaczon have again managed to obtain the sustainability certificate of the Marine Stewardship Council for the fishing of North Sea herring.

The PFA, of which the above fishing companies have a membership, was first certified in 2006 and at the time was a pioneer in Europe. It was the first major European fishing body to align itself with MSC, consequently becoming an example for other European herring and pelagic fishing industries. And the fishing companies stiill focuse on increasing the sustainability of its fishing activities. For example through the application of sophisticated sonar equipment to further reduce bycatch.

The past five years have been turbulent, because the annual growth of the North Sea herring stocks suddenly declined due to natural causes. As a result, the quota had to be considerably lowered for a number of years. Now, the stocks once again look highly favourable and the quota have been raised. This proves that it is possible to keep the MSC certificate if you adjust your fish management to the development of the stock.


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