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Cornelis Vrolijk first Dutch fishing company to partner with GSSI


The Global Sustainable Seafood Initiative, or GSSI, is a worldwide partnership among seafood companies, NGOs and governmental organisations, working together to promote sustainably certified seafood. In May 2018, Cornelis Vrolijk became a partner of the GSSI, as the first fishing company in the Netherlands.

Fish and seafood products are produced and sold word wide. Increasingly, consumers want to have guarantees that the fish that they are eating is sustainably caught or farmed. To facilitate this, sustainable certifications exist. Cornelis Vrolijk strives to have certifications for as many of its products, to establish that they have been produced responsibly. For instance, think of the MSC-label we have for herring, mackerel and plaice. But Cornelis Vrolijk also has products with other labels, such as Friends of the Sea and ASC.

The GSSI is happy to welcome Cornelis Vrolijk as partner. Herman Wisse, Managing Director of the GSSI about the co-operation: “As a family business, focusing on responsible fishing with a long term-perspective is part of Cornelis Vrolijk’s DNA. Maintaining healthy fish stocks and minimising environmental impact is integral to this outlook and synonymous with our global non-competitive effort towards more sustainable seafood for everyone”.

The contribution that the GSSI wants to make is to guarantee the reliability of various labels. Aukje Coers, CSR-manager of Cornelis Vrolijk confirms: “There are many sustainability labels in seafood in use worldwide. Some of them are occasionally subject to criticism and public debate. It is hard for retail companies to distinct themselves. As a fishing company, we want to work on sustainable certifications that are reliable. This is both in our interest and in that of retail companies. The GSSI helps with that”.

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