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Cornelis Vrolijk signs a letter of intent with Bertus Dekker



The IJmuiden based fishing company Cornelis Vrolijk has, today, signed a letter of intent outlining its intention to purchase the majority of the shares of Bertus-Dekker Seafood BV, the fish processing company also based in IJmuiden.

According to Managing Director Annerieke Vrolijk, the move is aimed at further strengthening the company within the fish supply chain. “Bertus-Dekker Seafood BV is a modern company with a solid position in the sale of demersal, specifically flat fish species. The activities of Bertus-Dekker will fit in well with the demersal activities of the Cornelis Vrolijk group, via our subsidiary company Jaczon. Through this partnership, we will be taking the next step on the road to supply chain integration, from ship to shelf. We will continue to supply a high-quality product, caught in a sustainable way, with traceable origin.”

Both companies have a strong family culture in which professional skills and quality are highly valued. According to Arie and Rick Ouwehand, who will both continue to form the management of Bertus-Dekker following the proposed share transaction, Bertus-Dekker is also excited about the development.

The goal is to allow Bertus-Dekker to continue its activities as an independently operating company and, wherever possible, to utilise and further strengthen opportunities for synergy between the two companies. The proposed transaction is subject to a number of conditions.

Cornelis Vrolijk is an international family-owned business, currently run by the fifth family generation. Its activities comprise fishing, farming, processing and trading in fish and shrimps, always with the objective of supplying a high-quality and sustainable product for human consumption. As a family business, the company fishes with an eye on future generations while maintaining healthy fish stocks, minimising environmental impact while employing committed and proud people. Many of the products from Cornelis Vrolijk carry the MSC and ASC certification labels.

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