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Atlantic Lady to sail under French flag

The Atlantic Lady (formerly the Wiron 1) is due to be reflagged. The vessel will no longer fish under a British but instead French flag, and will be rechristened the Label Normandy.
North Atlantic will be selling the ship to SPES Armement in Fécamp, a subsidiary of France Pélagique. France Pélagique itself recently acquired a majority of the shares in SPES from Yvon Neveu. He will continue to be actively involved in the fishery operations of the Label Normandy. The Label Normandy will be replacing Neveu’s current vessels. His French crew will mainly fish for herring and mackerel on the Label Normandy, and will freeze the catch for human consumption, on board.
Until recently, Neveu and his crew were involved in fishing for herring and mackerel in the North Sea/English Channel, and landed their catch fresh for human consumption. A proportion of the catch was frozen at Neveu’s factory in Fécamp.
North Atlantic and France Pélagique are both fully owned subsidiaries of Cornelis Vrolijk. As a result, the vessel will remain part of the Cornelis Vrolijk fleet. In the mid 1990s, the Wirons 1 and 2 were built as a span pair in Spain by the fishing operator Jaczon (also part of Cornelis Vrolijk). At the start of 2015, the Wiron 1 was sold to North Atlantic. Under the English flag, the vessel, renamed Atlantic Lady, operated for more than one year as an otter trawler fishing for herring and mackerel, and was deployed earlier this year on a scientific survey project (mackerel egg survey).

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