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Acquisition of Seafood Parlevliet by Cornelis Vrolijk now official

Fishing company Cornelis Vrolijk (CV) of IJmuiden and neighbouring fish processing company Seafood Parlevliet have officially completed their negotiations on CV’s acquisition of a majority shareholding in Seafood Parlevliet. In early September, the Dutch Authority for Consumers and Markets (Autoriteit Consument & Markt) supervisory body authorised a partnership between both family-run companies.
According to Director Annerieke Vrolijk, this acquisition lays the foundation for an innovative and even more robust company in the fishing sector. "Through this partnership, we will operate within the entire supply chain and strengthen our position in the consumer market: from catch to shelf. This will also enable us to better anticipate what consumers expect of us, namely a high-quality product, caught in a sustainable manner, with a traceable origin.”
Seafood Parlevliet will continue to operate under its own name. The new Board of Directors of Seafood Parlevliet will comprise Mike Parlevliet, Ab van Zetten, Richard Oerlemans and Arnout Langerak. Emiel Parlevliet and Peter Parlevliet will continue to be closely involved in the company in different roles.
The new Board of Directors is enthusiastic about this new challenge and the added value offered by the partnership. “It will provide the pelagic, demersal and shrimp fishing activities within Cornelis Vrolijk with even more sales opportunities, while the processing business will have the assurance of a supply of raw materials with the highest product integrity in a closed and sustainable chain.” Various Cornelis Vrolijk products contribute to sustainability certification, including the MSC certification label.


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