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Cornelis Vrolijk signs a letter of intent with Seafood Parlevliet

Fishing company Cornelis Vrolijk in IJmuiden signed a letter of intent with fish processing company Seafood Parlevliet, a neighbour company of Cornelis Vrolijk, with regard to the acquisition of a majority of its shares.
According to Cornelis Vrolijk Director, Annerieke Vrolijk, this move is aimed at strengthening the company within the supply chain. “The activities of Seafood Parlevliet fit well with the different activities of Cornelis Vrolijk. Seafood Parlevliet is an innovative company with a strong position in the Dutch and Belgian retail sectors. Through this partnership, we will operate within the entire supply chain and strengthen our position in the consumer market: from catch to shelf. This will also enable us to better anticipate what consumers expect of us, namely a high-quality product, caught in a sustainable manner, with a traceable origin.”
Both companies have a strong family culture in which professional skill is highly valued. Seafood Parlevliet is also excited about the development, according to Emiel and Peter Parlevliet. “Like Cornelis Vrolijk, continuity, integrity, product innovation and reliability are very important to us. This new link with Cornelis Vrolijk will assist in securing the sourcing in the supply chain, we are definitely taking a step forward.”

The goal is to create synergy between both companies. Through the integration of Seafood Parlevliet into the group structure of Cornelis Vrolijk the latter is further expanding its position in the production and distribution of a wide range of sustainable seafood products. This will also strengthen its access to the Northern European retail and food service markets. It is expected that, over time, this move will produce new jobs as well. The proposed transaction is subject to certain conditions, including approval by the Dutch competition authority.

Cornelis Vrolijk is now a globally active family owned business that has been operating in the fishing industry for more than 135 years. Its objective has always been to produce a high-quality product for human consumption. Its core activity is fishing and trading in pelagic fish species (such as herring and mackerel). Other important activities are demersal fishing (fish such as sole and plaice) as well as the catch and farming of (tropical) shrimps. As a family business, the company fishes with an eye on future generations: preserving healthy fish stocks and minimising the burden placed on the environment. This is accomplished by a team of dedicated people who take pride in their work. Many of the products of Cornelis Vrolijk carry the MSC and ASC certification labels.

Background information

Cornelis Vrolijk was founded in 1880. In addition to pelagic and demersal fishing, Cornelis Vrolijk is active in herring wholesale and fish processing via its subsidiary Jac den Dulk & Zonen BV and in (tropical) shrimp fishing and trade via Primstar BV (a joint venture company). Including partnerships, more than 1,500 people work for Cornelis Vrolijk worldwide. See:

Seafood Parlevliet was founded in 1860. Since 1968 the company has processed packaged fish products such as herring, mackerel and fried fish. Seafood Parlevliet is the market leader in the retail sector in The Netherlands and supplies the wholesale sector and the health care and catering markets. Seafood Parlevliet Holding encompasses the following operating companies: Seafood Parlevliet, S.H. Meij, Trade Factory and N. Parlevliet (Lokeren, Belgium). A total of 225 people work at Seafood Parlevliet. See:

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