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Solar panels installed on roof of cold store functional for one year


In the months August, September and October of 2014, installers from the company Elektrapartners spent many hours on the roofs of the office building and cold store of Cornelis Vrolijk at the Makreelkade in IJmuiden. The 1050 solar panels that were installed to supply the office with energy were taken into use on 20 October 2014.

Now one year later it becomes measurable how the solar park actually has performed. The graph below shows the production of solar power per month over the first production year. On 28 October approximately 245.000 kWh was produced. This quantity proved sufficient for the office’s daily energy need. “This is a very good results”, concludes Bert van Duijn, head of the technical service department of Cornelis Vrolijk.

As expected, production has been substantially more during summer months than in winter months. Therefore, produced surpluses were provided back to the mains more often and in more substantial amounts during summer months. “It is a pity that we cannot use 100% of the energy that we generate ourselves,” observes van Duijn. “We have space for installing a second solar park, but we would rather only realise an expansion when we are able to utilise the additionally generated energy ourselves.”

Sustainable energy really is sustainable if the locally generated energy is also consumed locally. Demand and supply can be fitted to each other better in this way. This is what will need to happen on a large scale if a national transition to using clean energy sources is to be made possible. “We gladly would like to make a contribution to this development”, says van Duijn, “but before being able to realise this we will need to put efforts into researching the possibilities and impossibilities in making changes to our business processes.”



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