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Solar panels installed on coldstore at Mackerel Quay


Cornelis Vrolijk does not only work on sustainability at sea (for instance related to the management of pelagic fish stocks), but we also take our responsibility with regard to our environmental impact on land. In this context, we embrace solar energy as one of the clean energy sources of the 21st century.

Solar power is a sustainable source of energy because it results in much lower emissions of greenhouse gasses such as CO2. “Mid 2013, I started to make some enquiries with companies that had solar panels installed on rooftops of their property”, says Fred Bruijn, of the technical service department of Vrolijk. The result of his efforts was that in 2014 during the months August, September and October, 1050 solar panels were installed on the roof of the cold store, which neighbours the company’s office on the Makreelkade in IJmuiden.

The 1050 panels cover an area of 75 x 40 meters. It is estimated that with this installation, 254.000 kWh of DC power will be produced annually. With 10 converters the DC current is transformed into AC power much like the electricity provided to your home with the mains. The energy generated will be sufficient to supply the office building with power during office days. In the case that a surplus is generated (such as in weekends), the surplus electricity is supplied to the mains, to be utilized by other users. Because the cold store often requires the use of electricity during the night –when the sun does not shine- the company will also continue to acquire energy from sustainable sources for the cold store.

Office building with neighbouring cold store at the Makreelkade in IJmuiden.


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