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Crews busy with work and courses during the lay-up period


As was the case last year, the vessels in our fleet remained laid up for some time in IJmuiden and Scheveningen before going out to fish for herring. They were saving their herring quotas for the summer months of July and August, when the conditions are almost ideal for fishing. May and June were devoted to major maintenance. Some of this work, which included painting and technical maintenance as well as repairs to the fishing nets, was carried out and coordinated by crew members.

Once again, refresher courses on safety, ship management and hygiene were organised this year. For the cooks, an updated HACCP course in food preparation was organised, and some crew members attended a special course on health care. In association with Johnson Controls, the company that installs the freezing plants, a course was arranged for officers and mechanics in Denmark to explain the detailed safety requirements that have to be observed when using the cooling agent NH3.

Other crew members attended courses in Basic Safety, Advanced Fire Fighting and Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats at the Nova College in IJmuiden and at other centres in Den Helder and Vlissingen. 


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