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More containers by barge from IJmuiden to Rotterdam


In 2012, Cornelis Vrolijk once again set a new record for the transport of containers via the container terminal in IJmuiden. The containers are carried to Rotterdam by (flat-bottomed) barge via inland waterways. In 2012, almost 4000 containers were transported by barge.

In 2007, together with Zeehaven IJmuiden and the Ter Haak Group, Cornelis Vrolijk initiated the forwarding of containers from IJmuiden to Rotterdam, via inland waterways. During the early years, the barges were loaded at the Kotterkade quayside. Two years later, a new container terminal was opened on the Loggerkade quayside.

Transport movements by barge have risen considerably over the past few years. In 2007, 100 containers were carried via inland waterways; in 2009, the total rose to more than 1700 containers, in 2011 more than 2400, and last year almost 4000 containers were transported by Cornelis Vrolijk via inland waterways. All in all, these activities have saved 8000 truck movements.

Eventually, the containers, packed with frozen fish, are destined for Nigeria, the Ivory Coast, Benin and China. In these countries, the frozen fish will be sold on local markets and is used for human consumption.

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